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I have seen in the statistics section that English speakers have gotten into my blog. I will try to translate this paragraph in Spanish.

Part 1.

It all started one peaceful night in winter of 1990. I was sitting - as of usual - with my brother Dave to see a program that retransmitted on public television, but today deduced that something happened to my brother. It was not quiet as usually with his milk and cookies, but not to any mere attention to television and was turning in circle around my. I had red eyes,
as if had slept little — something very common in it - although lately more than normal. He arrived at the many home and I always had to cover up the shoulders, saying that I had that go outside because the bathroom was occupied had. I stopped giving importance, but this was for a short time, because every time I was more obsessed with the idea of a prosperous country and better public services. It is nice, but occasionally a little bit can go you hand with alcohol - thing that I was concerned - and 1 month in the Dungeon of the Civil Guard for stealing the car of the neighbor - things that normally happen in these neighborhoods--was locked up. But as I mentioned before, lately it was more than that. It is revealed in the evenings, look for money in the drawer... The next day me up early, as it must do a university entrance exam - few can afford that luxury - and I peeked into my brother's room and no was in it. I thought that it could have fallen into the kitchen for breakfast, but there was not, and his Ford red garnet nor was in the garage. I went to tell my father that my brother was not in known position, but to my surprise my father neither was at home! This was already I starting to get nervous. First, my brother is not and your car either. Second, my father is not but if that you can find your car in the garage. That noses will be happening. Tmbrrr...Tmbrrr. The phone, who will call these hours?

-Good morning, I am Juan Díez, Oxford police station, with who I have the pleasure of speaking?
-He is talking to the son of Rodolfo Jiménez, Jonathan Jiménez.
-Well called him to tell him... like saying this...


Part 2.

-We have found her brother naked and disoriented. At the same time took a stab at hand.-do with what you are referring saying "stab"-as a melee weapon is characterized by its ability to cut, wound or puncture making enough effort.-Vale and by the way... would anyone was not more with it? - he not only was a drive flush against a large points pine located to the North of the city-ticket.? In a second I am there with you. Adios.deje drop the phone gently listening to the voice of the police. I was thinking about two things at the same time: what happened it was my brother by the head to be found as well and where noses is my father. After a quick shower for about 10 minutes and grabbed my father's car to go to the barracks. I went on a road that had not passed ever - as when my brother passed evenings there was my father to pick you-. Had great oaks by the sides of the road - for some, this badly, had only potholes and cracks during the duration of this - and you're seemed that they could reach to touch the sky. We could also find us with never seen animal outsiders--at least with my eyes-eating a deer that seemed to have been the cause for which I am telling all this - I am in a jam in this filthy road because a truck has been a pretty big animal for the ordinary. Already after being held an hour, you can open my road to get to my destination, the barracks, where he was my brother and your total loss car. Before arriving, I stopped a man with a deep voice and tall. But what! If it was Gustavo, my partner at the driving school. He asked me if it was a relative of the person who had left so the car. I nodded you and said to me: "Killed Pa´aberse". He told me that if I wanted to restore it and I told him that I could do with it what they want, as if you wanted to be for him, as with the price offered by me could buy a new one. And settled the matter, I went to the police station and along the way he was thinking that it was going to be my brother. Maybe the last time told me my father as they caught him once more is he would not get rid of a few months in prison. And there I was, took a step, pushed the door and entered. To me the police stood up and gave me good morning.


Part 3.

-Good morning, there can see his brother. We give you five minutes and then you will have to come with us to testify before the judge.
-With the judge? Well, da igual, first go to priority and now I'm going with you.

I went to my brother, who was with a pale face - such as when you aplastas a fig and leaves a sort of milk - and with a heater on the side, because they could not get clothes in their size. I went to your ear and asked what had happened to him. He, immediately, began to cry - a few tears that were at least 3/4 fell the fingernail of the thumb. I told him it tranquilizase, because he was calling much attention for what are sure that it had been a misunderstanding. He quickly stopped sobbing for a few seconds, he told me that I will bring to your ear and to tell him everything that had been said to me:

-Me I have called today early in the morning telling me that you had found no clothes, along with a knife or a by-pass yours and that you've embedded the car that hard-pay MOM was alive that is truth, already it was bypassing. My mother Carmen, with 42 years old died of lung cancer. Doctors gave everything for her, but his death was inevitable - and nothing more, which I will here urgently.

-Because all that you told was a lie. To my called me the bar saying that it had been since late at night drinking, was with the car on the way to pick up dad and suddenly pum! I remember nothing of what happened. Waking up, I grabbed a knife that had been in the glove compartment for situations like this and had no clothes. It was still a little dizzy, but I decided to get out of the car to see where I was and suddenly caught me a few policemen for arms and Wham! Here I am chatting with you.

-I swear I'm going to try everything possible to...

-Jonathan Jiménez - scream a strange voice - go to court immediately.

-Good David, I have to go then I will tell you.


Part 4.

Well, I am am I and my thoughts once more. I'm sitting on a wooden bench Swiss waiting to enter the Court - hurry for anything - and you know, not to bore me I'm here playing with myPad. Only one more point...

-Jonathan Jimenez, go to the room no. 4.

Well, here it is the moment of truth. I hope that insane, or something to the stupid of my brother declared him or if not, when you find my father and count it is splits the soul. He first started talking about the judge.

-You have something to say or we can already move to the opinion?

-As if I wanted to tell you that isn't very hard, my brother is passing a bad streak because it has left him with his future wife - it was promised with Mari Ángeles, a good person of our community - and in addition has changed sleep and is not like it was before. The other day fined you for go fast with the car - all of this was what I invented, but come on, was telling it with such voice that the people in the room was about to cry - and... between you and me, is not good head since childhood.

Suddenly do pum! the only thing heard was accused and 18 months in prison. Not was believing it I would what to do now in my house? If my father don't speak me much and that one of my only friends what will I do? I know!

-Wait for Mr. I want to ask for a pardon for temporary dementia.

-The pardon is not accepted. Who would have thought it is before you go with the car "like crazy" - began to laugh the judge.

Now I was preparing to tell my brother what had happened and what was going to happen.

-David, I just want to say that I love you.


It did not give time to finish the sentence when already had caught police by arms.



Today I'm going to upload 2 chapters. One at 21:00 and the other at the usual time (5 and 6). And you say you why 2? Because today is "San Juernes" and tomorrow I don't have class and decide to write 2. Tomorrow will continue as always, I will only upload from 22:00. What'll have a good weekend!

Spanish time GMT + 1

Part 5.

The only thing that I entered in the head was now a single question how is it going to tell my father? If said it roughly in any way you could give something or worse die! and if you say any lie wouldn't you believe it is so easily. You would have to find a good excuse. Arriving at the door of my house I saw father who was sitting on the front door step. It looked like he aged at times, because every day that saw him had more wrinkles and gray hairs. I got off the car silently, though he knew that it was going to find that something happened. At its height it grabbed my leg from the ground and told me where was my brother David. I kindly told him that he had pointed to a tennis tournament which had been in the town. He answered me:

-Jonathan, you know you won't fool me. It told me everything.


-Do not you can answer, but I assure you that what I said was true. Is your brother in jail..?

I got the head but he asked me again and not let me leave. I nodded him and told him that he had done everything possible so that it does not happen, but that it was. At that moment, I could see how the strength of the hand was going. Weakly let me go and started crying. I got into my house, I went up to my room and I lay on my bed to be able to continue with my thoughts. I only wanted that all this happened quickly. Then I closed my eyes and let myself go with my feelings.

Part 6.

The next day I lift. It seemed that he had I been transposed in bed last night. Still, it was all very confusing. I lift, I went to the shower and then went down as it was usual for breakfast to the kitchen, but this time was not as the previous day. My father was already on the table and had prepared the breakfast, but had anticipated and had already taken his breakfast of toast with Strawberry Jam. I sat down. We will not the word during the time we were at the table. When I got up to go to work. He told me that in that cell had led him. I le ne ge with the head and replied that I didn't still know nothing. I went after giving a screen door and hoping that everything enclosed in the House remain with him. The day on the job was not very well. Some workers, rather some ex-workers went to complain to the boss to claim to be re employed. He said no, and formed a stir... Then I went back home and I found my father where he had left it in the morning, in the breakfast table. As soon as I feel I said:

-You've figured something out?

-No, still nothing.

-Okay, because I'm going to stay here a while.

-Are you sure what you're well? -I asked intrigued.

-If son, you go to what you are going to do and forget about me.

-Okay. See you tomorow.

Wait a few seconds in suspense his answer I did not say any word. I went up to the room, prepared myself, got into bed and I fell asleep.


Part 8.

Today I woke up late. It's Saturday and I haven't had to go to work. I have not changed, still have the pajamas and I decided to go to search for offers on the Internet. I need to find someone who leave me a loan of one hundred thousand euros, although it seems that the thing is wrong. The judge imposed just bail of 90,000, but another not I would wrong for expenses. I am at the same time, looking for a lawyer - I do not think that you can remove it without more, will have to file some papers. I did not find anything. I went down the street to paste some pamphlets on street corners and in stores, hopefully a few people would read it and could help me - or at least I thought-. I went back to my house with the hope that had a message on the answering machine, though hopes faded quickly. I went to connect to the Internet to continue to surf and suddenly tin! you have a new e-mail. I like a maniac, I connect to my email. I only had one. The topic was: money. It read as follows.

-Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Julian Díaz. I've been investigating your case and I decided that a good idea would be to invest in a person. Do not believe everything that you've heard from me, I am an honest person who earns his money in a similar way than others, working hard. If you wish, we can arrange to chat in my house to see that you I do. I hope that this news is to your liking.

Have a good day. Julián Díaz.

I still didn't believe me what was happening - or what was about to happen, you could look at it two ways. I answered that when he wanted we could meet. Still I have not received response. I hope that you wasn't a joke in bad taste.


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